We've been skating since the 1970s and have owned dozens of boards over the years.  We've ridden and crashed on every sized board.

In the 1960s, during the Golden Age of Surfing, there rose skateboarding on a national level for those seeking sidewalk distraction when the surf was down.  You can come visit our showroom and see our collection of "sidewalk surfers."  They are treacherous little boards about 4 inches wide and 16" long, built on roller-skate-type metal wheels.

So, when it came to designing and making our own line of boards we looked for the most stable ride we could build.  Our first boards are stable and sidewalk-surfable.

XTERRA SKATE is a division of a company that founded and owns XTERRA WETSUITS (www.xterrawetsuits.com) and XTERRA BOARDS (www.xterraboards.com).  Our employees are athletes.  We swim, bike, run, stand up paddleboard, and skate together.  We've been making high-quality endurance sports equipment since 2001 under the XTERRA brand.

When we decided to launch XTERRA SKATE we wanted the best materials we could buy. We also wanted to work with factories with whom we had direct relationships.  It wasn't easy and it wasn't cheap.  But, it was worth it.

Our decks are made in San Diego, California.  We visit the factory weekly, and they are the best workers in the skateboard manufacturing business.  They've been making skateboard decks since 1975.

Our wheels are made in Orange County, California.  The rubber is great and the best.

Our trucks are made in Los Angeles, California.

Our hardware is made in Michigan.



XTERRA SKATE's business address for returns, Showroom, etc., is as follows:



675 Gateway Center Drive, Suite A

San Diego, CA 92102


Direct all XTERRA SKATE inquiries to us at the address above, or the e-mails or phone numbers below.



Email: sup@xterraboards.com

Phone: 858-565-9500



Keith (left), Glynn (right), and the rest of the XTERRA team